We invite you you spend some time with us during the spring of 2020
We will be open during the weekends for both sponataneous and booked visitors. Our Vinotek will be open where you can enjoy both local drinks and food.
The calendar will be continuously updated with detailed programs and events for the spring.

The Vinoteket
Come for a visit and enjoy the lovely 'vinstig' that leads you out into our fields and you can watch the frist green vines of 2020. and why not stop at our restaurant 'vinoteket' for a taste of our wines and some lunch?
we love our local producers and offer just the local selection when it comes to food and drinks. Contact Joanna on email or on phone 0410-28000/ mobile 0735-248420

The Conference
In Hällåkra´s intimate conference room we designe the confrerence to your needs. And with only 10 min from Malmö Sturup Airport and 30 min from Malmö you can get away from the city trafic without having to travel far.

Contact Joanna on email or on phone 0410-28000/ mobile 0735-248420.

The Vinyard
Right now the vines have just started growing and you can come vitit us for some fresh air and a walk in the vinyard. We are busy botteling the white and orange from 2019 and soon we will also bottle earlier vintages of our red that has been maturing on oak.

Contact Håkan for questions regarding the vinyard and wines at email or phone. 0708-360731



About the Vineyard

Hällåkra Vineyard lies in southern Skåne, where the scenic southern slopes of the gently rolling landscape meet the flat southern plains. In this unique growing environment, we've carefully allowed our vineyards to develop since 2003 according to the favourable conditions created here by nature. This has given our renowned wines their characteristic Scandinavian traits – reflected in the wines' colour, aroma and flavour.

The Hansson family has owned Hällåkra Vineyard for five generations. Today, Hällåkra encompasses approximately 6,5 hectares of fertile land and has about 20,000 vines. From these we produce a variety of red, white, sparkling and sweet wines.

Our Philosophy

The naturally created conditions here provide the base…the driving power in our efforts to develop honest and authentic wines. Pure fruit and marked acidity are distinct characteristics that add an enhancing Scandinavian contribution to the rich aromas and flavours of the wine world. Good, natural ingredients provided by nature's kitchen in keeping with local growing conditions shape our core values.

Our wines

Grapes & Wines

Our oldest grapevines are primarily hybrid grapes – developed from the classical varieties – specially suited for a colder climate and a shorter growing season. Among these hybrids, our predominant types are the blue Rondo grape and the green Solaris grape.

In 2008, we also began planting the classical varieties of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Auxerrois Blanc.


Hällåkra produced its first vintage red wine in 2008 from the Rondo grape. Over the years, our red wines have garnered great appreciation for their characteristic Scandinavian traits, and are regularly recurring wines in Systembolaget's wine cellar selection and at well-known Scandinavian restaurants. We also use our Rondo grapes to produce Hällåkra's Cervi, a fortified wine with added spirits from Hven Whiskey.

Our white wines are made from the green Solaris grape and red Pinot Noir grapes – both having characteristic Scandinavian acidity. These grapes are used for both our still and sparkling wines.


Which grapes work best and what future wines from Scandinavia and Hällåkra Vineyard should be like are questions that we want to help in answering. We accomplish this by questioning and experimenting, by continually exploring new aspects in the world of wine.

Order Our Wines

New vintages of our wines are released at specified times in Systembolaget's wine cellar shops in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, as well as in the Order offerings.


At other times throughout the year, you can order our wines through Systembolaget's website for delivery to the Systembolaget boutique of your choice.


Place your order in the following way:

Go to Registrera ny privatimport.


Go to Systembolaget's homepage at Systembolagets hemsida
Click on Tjänster (Services)
Click on Privatimport in the left-side column
On the right side of the page, click on point 3, Registrera ny privatimport (Ordering)

Download info about our wines below.


Hällåkra Prislista Systembolaget 2016101112

Hällåkra Jullåda 2016 Systembolaget


Our Unique Conference Concept

With us, you and your colleagues are our only guests. Here you can focus on your meeting in seclusion, with access to private, modern and suitable premises in a lovely pastoral environment. Conferences can be booked for whole day, half day or evening. For lodgings, we work closely with nearby establishments and transportation can be arranged.

Proximity and Flexibility

Hällåkra Vineyard is just 10 minutes from the Malmö-Sturup Airport and only 25 minutes from Malmö. Together with our chef, you decide the menu for the day – and if you'd like dinner and/or following wine tasting featuring the vineyard's wines, we'll customize a complete experience just for you and your colleagues. Conference Menu

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. or call +46 (0) 410-28000.



Our Kitchen

Gifted with knowledge inherited from the farm's earlier generations and from the Skåne food tradition, we run a creative and innovative kitchen wherein food and drink are central. The foods provided from nature's own pantry throughout the differing seasons provide the basis for our continuous creativity.

The raw foodstuffs that the farm and its environs cannot supply are bought from other local producers that share the same philosophy as ours.

Wine Bar / Themed Tastings

During the vineyard's restaurant/ wine bar open hours, we arrange bookable food and drink tastings with various themes. Foodstuffs are a central focus, and we present our own wines in a variety of ways together with other reference wines from Europe, other drink from local producers and foods from the immediate area. The times and location for these are presented in our events calendar.


Below our calender is presented with opening hours, tastings and other updated info. We are open for parties bigger than 8 persons and for conferences all year round. Please don´t hesitate to contact us or 0410-28000.


The calender is updated continuously, please keep your eyes open!



1sundaykl 11-15open for lunch and wine
7saturdayall dayclosed for private event
8sunday 11-15open for lunch and wine
14saturday 11-15open for lunch and wine
15sundayall dayclosed for private event
21saturday11-15open for lunch and wine
22sundayall dayclosed for private event
28saturday 11-15open for lunch and wine
29sunday 11-15open for lunch and wine


Private Events

Our kitchen, serving personnel and sommelier have in-depth experience with all types of events. For weddings, birthdays, team building or other occassions, we are happy to create these following your wishes and our capabilities.


There are many possibilities…please contact us with your questions or concerns.


Wine Tasting

For private events, we also arrange tastings with varying themes:

  • The ABC's of wine – the fundamentals of wine tasting
  • Wine growing: conventional, ecological and biodynamic
  • Natural wine: what is it?
  • Combining food & wine
  • Bubbly – for everyday and special occasions

The above are just a few examples. We can even design the tasting entirely according to your wishes…time, duration and location play a smaller role.



We are happy to help with booking lodgings as well as transportation to and from your lodgings, the airport or other places you may find yourselves in. Book your lodgings through us for our special prices. Please contact us for more information.


Nötesjö Hotell

Jordberga Parkhotell

Anderslövs Gästgivaregård



Any natural foodstuffs that the farm doesn't produce itself, we purchase from local producers that work in accordance with our philosophy. Below are some of our providers and clients.


Bhoga restaurang (Göteborg)

Noma (Köpenhamn)

Kontrast (Oslo)

Lyran (Malmö)

Slottsrestaurangen (Kalmar)

Kitchen and Table (Malmö)

Bar Centro (Göteborg)

Köttbaren (Malmö)

Moccasin (Malmö)

Staffanstorps Gästis

Terrin & vin (Lund)

1 rum & kök (Eslöv)

Soldattorpets mejeri

Bondens skafferi

Hönsinge Hantwerksbryggeri

Toftebo Kalkon



Regional Matkultur




Please contact us via one of the following:


Håkan Hansson
Vinbonde, vinmakare, CEO


Lotta Hansson


Joanna Daly
Sommelier, restaurant, conference, event


Rolf Olsson
Vinfält växtodling




+46 410 28000




Hällåkra Vingård
Hällåkravägen 47-0
S-231 72 Anderslöv




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